Computers & Internet changed everything, but their impact on the education is still negligible. We want to dramatically improve learning by building adaptive education platform for Math, English Vocabulary, Foreign Languages and other subjects – ITestYou.

Our children go to school day after day working with paper worksheets. Instead, we decided to use a artificial intelligence software to a) observe and record how students solve assignments, b) measure their engagement and subject comprehension, and c) adjust difficulty dynamically and provide algorithmic personalization of learning process. The paper worksheets of today will be a thing of the past.

We started to work on the idea in early 2005. It took several years of nights and weekends to put together various components, algorithms, systems and content. In 2007 we delivered first version of the web site and the educational HTML widgets. In 2011 we released native phone and tablet apps for Android and Apple iOS platforms and Facebook and Twitter integration.

We are not done yet. There are many features that we plan to implement before full potential is realized. We are looking for partners and ideas; contact us if you want to join the quest.

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